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= Mike Dittmeier, RHCE =
== How to Contact Me ==
. EMAIL: mike@vegasitpros.com
* you can also look for me on irc in #fedora-docs(username sgtditt)
== Active Documents ==
. currently working on:
[https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide Administration-Guide]
== Self Introduction ==
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Vegas IT Pros
The Dittmeier Clan!!!
=== Goals ===
. I'm looking forward to creating user and administration guides, that deal with the individual services usable by small businesses and independent IT consultants. My ultimate goal is to produce a "Cook Book" style guide for building a Fedora server from scratch.
=== Historical Qualifications ===
. I have been producing documentation for customers and IT Staff for the past 15 years. Examples include end user training for using new or updated systems, and even installation and troubleshooting guides for data center staff to be able to reproduce an entire collocation facility.
=== Skills Area ===
. My primary skills have been in the IT Operations side:
* Networking
* Server installs and support
* Application install and support
* Monitoring systems
* Automation
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