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* [[ThomasSailer]]
* [[ThomasSailer]]
* [[User:epienbro|Erik van Pienbroek]]
* [[User:epienbro|Erik van Pienbroek]]
* [[User:Plouj|Michael Ploujnikov]]
* [[User:Lfarkas|Levente Farkas]]
* [[User:Lfarkas|Levente Farkas]]
* [[User:kalev|Kalev Lember]]
* [[User:kalev|Kalev Lember]]

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MinGW Special Interest Group


The Fedora MinGW project's mission is to provide an excellent development environment for Fedora users who wish to cross-compile their programs to run on Windows, minimizing the need to use Windows at all. In the past developers have had to port and compile all of the libraries and tools they have needed, and this huge effort has happened independently many times over. We aim to eliminate duplication of work for application developers by providing a range of libraries and development tools which have already been ported to the cross-compiler environment. This means that developers will not need to recompile the application stack themselves, but can concentrate just on the changes needed to their own application.




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