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Joining the Fedora News Project


Do you have a story or would like to give us a feedback? Please subscribe to fedora-news-list to discuss the story or let us know how you feel about the issue.

Join the Team

We are always looking for more writers to help us deliver timely information to the Fedora community. Here's how to join us:

If you'd like to write news beats for our Fedora Weekly News , please do the following:

1. Subscribe to fedora-news-list and introduce yourself.

2. If you don't already have an account for the Fedora Project, establish one at: Fedora Infrastructure: new accounts

3. Using the same username and password as your Fedora account, you'll be able to | establish a new wiki account

4. Add yourself to the Fedora News Project page by editing the page and adding yourself to the list at the bottom with your wiki account name

We plan to cover more mailing lists and areas.