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This page tracks the actual implementation of the No Frozen Rawhide (NFR) Proposal.


  1. Install images are no longer being created for rawhide.
    • To install rawhide follow the instructions at: FIXME
    • Links to public announcements: FIXME


Unresolved Questions & Topics

  • What do we call the pending release tree?
  • When do we branch? Feature Freeze?
  • How are buildroot overrides handled, freeze break needs vs 0-day update needs
  • Increased number of "double" commits (things committed to rawhide, and duplicated on the release branch)
  • Relies on updates-testing to drive feedback for freeze breaks, and updates-testing is not as well used as it could be.
  • Division of our testers between rawhide and the pending release
  • Are we now Debian (Unstable, testing, stable)
  • Potential to break chain-builds even more depending on when we force things through bodhi
  • Do we always make install images for rawhide, or only make images for pending release tree?
  • packages going "straight to stable" via bodhi during a freeze
  • When and how does signing happen? How will we know if something isn't signed in time to fix it?