OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012

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October 19-21, 2012 For details see the olpcsf.org summit page at OLPC San Francisco Community Summit 2012 http://www.olpcsf.org/CommunitySummit2012

A few local Ambadassadors will be representing Fedora (as well as Sugar) for this world wide gathering

Grantbow is a regular member of SF OLPC, and has been sorting details. We have the event box, banners and some nice shiny SWAG


  • Provide answers for attendees about Sugar, Linux as well as the AWESOME Fedora Project.
  • Learn about the worldwide activities of OLPC.
  • Look for ideas that help link Deployments and how they change lives- and what Open Source does in general.
  • Find examples that can me used for marketing purposes.
  • <bonus> fix the broken OLPC for the West Coast event box (it has 2 - the other will be on display at event.


$40 fee to attend. $4-10 transportation Either gas money or a BART card. This will be under $300 the biggest cost is the fee to attend.

Owner: Mark Terranova

  • Grantbow
  • Dan408
  • sexycatsinhats

2 other Ambassadors are not sure if they can attend