Ohio Linux Fest 2009

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This page is incomplete as we build some organization around this event.

Still, if you're a contributor going to Ohio Linux Fest. Please add your name to the list below. This might help everyone to travel together (Carpools, Flights ) and of course to see what fellows are going to be there one could join for a beer. Other activities will be added as appropriate.

Quick Facts

  • Where:
    • Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus OH
  • When:
    • September 26, 2009


Name Arrival Departure Airport Comments
Ben Williams 16:00 EDT 20099900925 10:00 EDT 20090927 Coordinator - Driving


Item Cost in US dollars Details
Fedora Table $75.00 Ben Paid with his Credit 6/16/2009
Hotel Room assistance for Co-Ordinators $231.16 both Co-Ordinators are 300 miles away
Tshirts 100 (hopefully) 70 XL, 20 L, 6 M, S 4
Tattoos 1000 (500 of each type)
case badges 300
Buttons 500
Ink Pens 100
Fedora Stickers 400
media 600 300 livecd, 150 i386 DVD, 150 x86_64