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This page is incomplete as we build some organization around this event.

Quick Facts

  • Where:
    • Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus OH
  • When:
    • September 26, 2009


Still, if you're a contributor going to Ohio Linux Fest. Please add your name to the list below. This might help everyone to travel together (Carpools, Flights ) and of course to see what fellows are going to be there one could join for a beer. Other activities will be added as appropriate.

Name Arrival Departure Airport Comments
Ben Williams 16:00 EDT 20090925 10:00 EDT 20090927 Coordinator - Driving
Jason Fenner Pending Pending Pending ride share (see below)


Name need ride city avail to drive
Scott Seiersen Yes. Baltimore, MD Nope. (No licence or car.)
Jason Fenner Yes. Cleveland, OH No

Room Sharing

Name Arrive Date Leave Date Smoking Peference
Scott Seiersen Depends. Not sure yet. Not sure. Don't care.


  • no reports ... yet


  • no pictures ... yet

Proposed Budget

Item Cost in US dollars Details Actual 2009 2008
Fedora Table $75.00 Ben Paid with his Credit 6/16/2009 $75 $75
Hotel Room assistance for Co-Ordinators (one night each) $231.16 both Co-Ordinators are 300 miles away
T-shirts ($15.00 + $363.75) = $378.75 100 (hopefully) (3 2XL, 68 XL, 25 L, 3 M, 1 S) 75 total (4 S, 5 M, 22 L, 23 XL, 16 2XL, 5 3X)
Tattoos 1200 (600 of each type)
Case badges 300
Buttons 500
Ink Pens 100
Fedora Stickers 400
media 800 400 livecd, 200 i386 DVD, 200 x86_64 DVD