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== Templates ==
== Templates ==
Banner template:
Banner template:
Screenshots howto:
Screenshots howto:

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This SOP is not yet complete.
If you have time, please see the notes below and the F13 one page release notes and the F12 one page release notes and please finish these instructions so people can use them for the F14 cycle!


[edit] Introduction

This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to make a one page release notes deliverable for a Fedora release.

[edit] Examples

You can see examples of past one page release notes at One page release notes.

[edit] Instructions

  1. See One page release notes for an overview of what this deliverable is, and look at the examples provided.
  2. Write the material. Read the log of our sprint meeting.
  3. Add the screenshots.
  4. Do the layout. (Design team)
  5. Put in the final URLs.

[edit] Templates

Banner template:

Screenshots howto:

[edit] Improve this SOP!

If you see a way to improve this SOP, please go ahead and edit the page - you don't need to ask for anyone's permission. Read more about our contribution philosophy here.