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* [ openstack-horizon] - self service web UI (Cole Robinson)
* [ openstack-horizon] - self service web UI (Cole Robinson)
* [ openstack-melange] - network information service (Bob Kukura)
* [ openstack-melange] - network information service (Bob Kukura)
== ToDo ==
Prepare for F16 test day:
* [ SELinux policy for Nova]
* Investigate existing test suites
* Experiment with Keystone configuration
* [ Downloadable Fedora images]
* Try using cloud-init with OpenStack
Notable bugs:
* [ Figure out how to handle DB migrations in package updates]
* [ Cannot terminate instance after compute node reboot]
* [ Get correct version of python-xattr included in Fedora for glance image caching]
* See also the "bugs" links with each of the packages above
* Dashboard
* Quantum
* VNC console/ajaxterm
* See also the "to package" list below
Integration with Aeolus:
* Deltacloud driver for OpenStack 1.1 API
* Image factory support for uploading to OpenStack
Misc project ideas:
* Fedora package builds of trunk in upstream's CI system
* Image building service based on Oz
* Use libguestfs for file injection
* Use Qpid instead of RabbitMQ
== Images ==
== Images ==

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OpenStack consists of a number services for running IaaS clouds. They are the Object Store (Swift), Compute (Nova) and Image (Glance) services.

The Diablo release of OpenStack was included Fedora 16. The Essex release will be included in Fedora 17.

This page tracks Fedora Cloud SIG's effort to maintain OpenStack in Fedora.

Getting Started

See Getting started with OpenStack Nova for details on how to try out the OpenStack packages on Fedora 16.


Package Reviews

Packaging in progress:


Rather than recommending users to download pre-built Ubuntu images in Getting_started_with_OpenStack Nova, we should have a set of official Fedora images like Cloud_SIG/EC2_Images. These should be built using similar process to the EC2 images.

For now, we can suggest users build Fedora images using Oz.

To Package

  1. noVNC - a HTML5 VNC client
  2. openstack-reddwarf - database as a service (will be part of openstack-nova?
  3. crowbar - OpenStack deployment service and chef wrapper

On the shelf for now:

  • openstack-burrow - message queue
    • Burrow development seems to have halted a while back when the main dev stopped working on it


OpenStack in Fedora 17

The following features are proposed for Fedora 17:

OpenStack in EPEL

All of the packages require python-sphinx. These all need at least this adjustment for EL6:

-BuildRequires:    python-sphinx
+%{?fedora:BuildRequires:    python-sphinx >= 1.0}
+%{?el6:BuildRequires:    python-sphinx10}

and to use sphinx-1.0-build instead of sphinx-build.

Packages in EPEL

Packages needing to be added to EPEL