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This page documents settings for a variety of clients with Fedora Talk. If you have a client whose settings are not found in the generic client setup instructions, please add information about your specific client here. Make a new section and include the application name and version for a softphone client, or make and model for an IP phone.

Example included
There is an example included in a comment section on this page. If you edit this page, you can copy the example and edit as needed.

SipDroid on the Android platform

First off, you need an Android based phone. Next install Sipdroid on it from the market. This has been tested on a Droid running Android 2.1. Fire up SipDroid and touch the settings button then set the following options.

Menu page Setting name Value
Settings Preferred Call Type: Phone
SIP Account Settings Authorization Username FAS Username
SIP Account Settings Password FAS VoIP password
SIP Account Settings Server
SIP Account Settings Domain empty
SIP Account Settings Username/Caller ID FAS Username
SIP Account Settings Port 5060
SIP Account Settings Protocol UDP