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== ISO Name / FS Label ==
== ISO Name / FS Label ==
* FS Label: Fedora-11-i686-Live-BrOffice
* FS Label: Fedora-12-x86_64-Ovirt-Node_Image
* ISO Name: Fedora-11-i686-Live-BrOffice.iso
* ISO Name: Fedora-12-x86_64-Ovirt-Node_Image
== Dependencies ==
== Dependencies ==

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Ovirt Node Image Spin


oVirt Node Image is a small scaled down version of Fedora used solely to hosts virtual machine guests.


Detailed Description

oVirt Node Image is a small host image that provides libvirt service via KVM to hosts virtual machines. The Ovirt node can be run in standalone mode or in conjunction with the ovirt managment server, a web-based virtual machine management console. The ovirt Node Image is a livecd-based image that can be installed to the hosts physical storage, or run as a live image off a cd or usb key.

Benefit to Fedora

Easy way for users of Fedora and Ovirt to download Node Image. Will not require and ISO image to be built and distributed in a RPM.

Kickstart File

upstream:;a=summary (have to run ./automake to generate) already made:

  • We well need a permanent place to host one ks/per relese of the spin on however during development they can be found here above.

ISO Name / FS Label

  • FS Label: Fedora-12-x86_64-Ovirt-Node_Image
  • ISO Name: Fedora-12-x86_64-Ovirt-Node_Image


  • Ovirt-Node RPM in fedora, in progress

Scope / Testing

  • logo issue
  • /etc/release

Comments and Discussion