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= Spin Name =
Fedora oVirt Node image
== Summary ==
An oVirt Node image is a small, stateless, stripped-down Fedora build that installs and runs off a CD, a usb key, or a ramdisk (over PXE) on a physical host. The build contains all the necessary pieces to support hosting and managing virtual machines on the host. It can run in stand-alone mode or managed mode.
== Owner(s) ==
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* Name: [[User:huff| David Huff]]
* email:
== Detailed Description ==
oVirt is an open, cross-platform virtualization management system. oVirt provides both a small image that runs on a host and provides virtualization services to VMs there, and also a web-based management console that lets you allocate and group hosts and storage, install and remove virtual machines, level resources across a large group of machines, and much more. oVirt is designed to scale from a small group of users with little need for access control and quota management, all the way up to hundreds or even thousands of hosts with robust control over grouping, permissions, and quotas.
== Benefit to Fedora ==
* Provide a prebuilt binary oVirt image for those who want to run virtual machines on an oVirt Node.
== Kickstart File ==
* to build form source:
  * git clone git://
  * ./
  * make repos.ks
  * ksflatten ovirt-node-image.ks > fedora-ovirt-node-image.ks (requires pykickstart)
  * sed -i -e "s/repo --name=ovirt-local*/#repo --name=ovirt-local*/" fedora-ovirt-node-image.ks
  Once ovirt-node rpms are in fedora.....
  * sed -i -e "s/repo --name=ovirt-org*/#repo --name=ovirt-org*/" fedora-ovirt-node-image.ks
* we can provide one for the ks pool per release!!
== ISO Name / FS Label ==
== Dependencies ==
* ovirt-node  !!! need to get  into fedora !!!
* automake, livecd-tools, appliance-tools (image minimizer), libvirt, augeas, collectd-virt, grub, hal, iscsi-initiator-utils, krb5-workstation, qemu-img
* automake, gcc, dbus-devel, hal-devel, libvirt-devel, rpm-build, selinux-policy-doc, hardlink
== Scope / Testing ==
* Scope
  * to build
  * sudo livecd-creator --skip-minimize -c fedora-ovirt-node-image.ks -f ovirt-node-image
* Testing:
  * boot node, both 32 and 64 bit and run smoketest scripts
  * run "./" in the ovirt-node-image directory
  * will pxe boot guest images and run through and do a stateless and stateful boot test.
== Comments and Discussion ==
* See [[Talk:Your_Spin_Page]] 
* Main Page:
* mailing list:
* irc/freenode: #ovirt
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