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Fedora CVS Admin Requests

The list of pending CVS requests is kept in Bugzilla.

Requests that require CVS administrators approval may be requested through the fedora-cvs flag in Bugzilla tickets as described on this page. To accomplish the tasks described here, you need to be a member of the fedorabugs group.


Changing the fedora-cvs flag to "?" in a Bugzilla report means CVS admin attention is needed. They will read your Bugzilla ticket and attempt to take care of your request. In order to make the job faster and easier for the CVS admins, please follow the guidelines on this page in order to format your request in a standard way with all required information.

New Packages

After your package is approved by the Package Review Process , you may request for a CVS module to be created. Please copy this template into your Bugzilla comment, and set fedora-cvs flag to ?. After your request is granted, please wait for the next CVS sync which occurs every 30 minutes. At that point, your package checkout will contain empty directories for each distro branch. Simply add your files to these directories, checkin, tag and build.

Revisionist history
Requests for new F-(X-2) packages when F-X goes gold will not be accepted. For example, when Fedora 10 is released, no new package requests for Fedora 8 will be accepted.


New Package CVS Request
Package Name:
Short Description:
Cvsextras Commits:


New Package CVS Request
Package Name: foobar
Short Description: 3D Game of Foo
Owners: foo_username,bar_username
Branches: F-7 F-8
InitialCC: baz_username
Cvsextras Commits: yes
  • Valid branch names currently used for Fedora: F-8 F-9 EL-4 EL-5 OLPC-2. The devel branch is implicit and always created, so you need not list it.
  • Owners must be one or more FAS usernames. If you have multiple owners, add secondary owners with a comma separated list.
  • InitialCC contain FAS usernames that receive mail pertaining to this package, but are not necessarily owners.
  • Cvsextras Commits tells whether anyone in cvsextras can commit to the repository. It should be yes unless you have some specific reason why you do not wish for the community to be able to assist with your package. If you do have such a reason, use no and give a short explanation of the necessity of denying community access.

Package Change Requests for existing packages

Please try to use the existing review ticket for these special requests, even if that ticket is CLOSED. If you cannot find a review ticket, then creating a new bug is acceptable.

To request:

  • Additional branches for an existing package
  • Ownership, description, or initial CC list changes

Please use the following template to state clearly exactly what you want and why it is justified in your Bugzilla comment. Then set the fedora-cvs flag to ?. Note that there is no need to reopen the ticket if it is closed; the CVS administrators only query on the state of the fedora-cvs flag, and it takes extra time for the CVS administrators to look up the original resolution of the ticket so that it can be re-closed properly.


Package Change Request
Package Name:
[New Branches: ] 
[Updated Fedora Owners: ] 
[Updated Fedora CC: ] 
[Updated EPEL Owners: ] 
[Updated EPEL CC: ] 
[Updated Description: ] 
[Updated Cvsextras Commits: ] 
[add any required explanatory text here] 

The Package Name field is mandatory. Please only include other fields which need to be changed or updated. For Owners and CC changes please list all the owners both current and new. If the CC list is to be removed use [none] to indicate that. If you are requesting one or more EPEL branches with exactly the same Owners and CC list as for Fedora, then there is no need to write them in the request.

Example, to add EPEL branches:

Package Change Request
Package Name: foobar
New Branches: EL-4 EL-5

Example, to add new comaintainer "baz":

Package Change Request
Package Name: foobar
Updated Fedora Owners: foo_username,bar_username,baz_username

If you need other special changes done which cannot be handled by the template fields, like renaming of a package, or complete removal of a package or branch due to rare circumstances, please state your desire and justification below the template in your Bugzilla comment.

Automation is coming
This is an interim procedure that should be automated in the future with the Infrastructure/PackageDatabase project. Please inquire with the Infrastructure team if you are interested in helping.