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= Fedora Past Events: 2008 =
= Fedora Past Events: 2008 =
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!Date || Event || Location || Owner || Description || Estimated Attendance
|'''Date'''||'''Name of Event'''||'''Location and Short Description'''||Ambassador||How'd it go?||Attendance
|January 28, 2008 || []  || Melbourne, Australia<BR>Part of 2008 || [[EugeneTeo]] ||See [[LCA/Melbourne2008]]  for status
|January 28, 2008 || []  || Melbourne, Australia<BR>Part of 2008 || [[EugeneTeo]] ||See [[LCA/Melbourne2008]]  for status

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Fedora Past Events: 2008

Date Event Location Owner Description Estimated Attendance
January 28, 2008 Melbourne, Australia
Part of 2008
EugeneTeo See LCA/Melbourne2008 for status
January 29-31, 2008 Linux Solutions Paris, France
ThomasCanniot Status soon
February 8-10, 2008 SCALE 6X Los Angeles, CA, USA - 6th Annual Southern California Linux Expo ThomasChung See SCALE 6X
February 9, 2008 BarCamp Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN USA PascalCalarco See Bar Camp Indy for status
February 11, 2008 Florida Linux Show Jacksonville, Florida JackAboutboul Booth
February 19, 2008 Fedora by Night Lodi, Italy
How does a Linux community based distribution live and grow.
FrancescoCrippa Fedora by Night
February 23-24 2008 FOSDEM Brussel, Belgium FredericHornain See FOSDEM2008 for status
March 1-2, 2008 Chemnitzer LinuxTage 2008 Chemnitz, Germany JensKuehnel
Report and pictures
March 12-13, 2008 OpenExpo 2008 Berne, Switzerland
A 2-day Expo about Open Source Software in business area as application, service or further development.
FabianAffolter See OpenExpo2008_Berne for status
March 14-16, 2008 PyCon Chicago, IL TomCallaway
Booth, attending talks
March 21-22, 2008 FOSSComm Greece Athens, Greece DimitrisGlezos Presenting, giving away media
April 1-3, 2008 FOSE Washington, DC PaulFrields booth, networking
April 4-6, 2008 NOTACON 5 Cleveland, OH JasonFenner event report
April 17-19, 2008 FISL Porto Alegre, Brazil RodrigoPadula See FISL 9.0 for status
April 19, 2008 Fedora day Cairo, Egypt DiaaRadwan Event Report
April 19, 2008 liberaMENTE Opera, Italy FrancescoCrippa, LucaFoppiano -
April 26-27, 2008 LinuxFest Northwest 2008 Bellingham, WA JesseKeating booth, talks -
April 26, 2008 FLISOL 2008 Latin America RodrigoPadula See FLISOL 2008 for status -
April 29, 2008 Fedora 9 Release Event at Concordia and McGill University Concordia and !McGill University, Montreal, Canada RashadulIslam Presentation of Fedora and F9 Release, Talks, Social, Free Foods, Drinks -
May 02-04, 2008 II ENSOL João Pessoa, Brazil RodrigoPadula See II ENSOL for status -
May 3, 2008 Utah Fedora/Ubuntu Release Party Code Greene, SLC, Utah ClintSavage presentations, food, games, installfest -
May 5, 2008 CommunityOne San Francisco, CA KarstenWade FOSS community panel -
May 10, 2008 Fedora 9 Presentation Tunis, Tunisia ChihebChabchoub NihedMbarek ZiedFakhfakh Poster Photo -
May 13, 2008 North Italy F9 Release Party Lodi, Italy LucaFoppiano OfficialPage -
May 13, 2008 Toronto Release Party Toronto ON AndrewOverholt Confirmed - see event link -
May 15, 2008 Central Ohio Release Party Columbus, OH JeffreyTadlock BrianPepple Details Here -
May 17, 2008 Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts Installfest Emory School of Law, Atlanta, GA DavidNalley talks, installfest -
May 17, 2008 Patras F9 Release Party Patras, Greece DimitrisGlezos Poster -
May 16, 2008 Bangladesh Release Party Dhaka, Bangladesh MahayAlamKhan Details Coming Soon -
May 23, 2008 Los Angeles Release Party Los Angeles, CA GradyLaksmono Free DVD, Free Live CD, USB Creation Station, Presentation, Discussion, Talks, Social, Funs, Free Foods, Drinks
Event has been fully funded.
May 24, 2008 Rome F9 Release Party Rome, Italy MarcoPalazzotti OfficialPage
Event has been fully funded.
May 31, 2008 Center Italy F9 Release Party Florence, Italy LorenzoVillani OfficialPage
Event has been fully funded.
May 28-29, 2008 COMUNICAÇÃO DIGITAL João Pessoa, Brazil GutembergMedeiros, AllissonAzevedo Presentation of Fedora 9, Installfest, Free DVD, Free Live CD, USB Creation Station, Talks, Social. No additional funding planned. +400
May 28-31, 2008 LinuxTag Berlin, Germany GeroldKassube
See LinuxTag 2008 for status. Event is funded by CommunityArchitecture. 11,000
May 30-31, 2008 ESLAM Manaus, Brazil RodrigoPadula , AyrtonAraujo See ESLAM 2008 for status
. Funding in process of being sent to RodrigoPadula.
June 1, 2008 Fedora Day Garlasco, Italy
AndreaModestoRossi See TiLUG for Status 50 - 100
June 1, 2008 FOD Cracow, Poland PawelSadowski Finalizing tasks 100-140
June 1, 2008 Fedora Day Garlasco, Italy
AndreaModestoRossi See TiLUG for Status 50 - 100
June 1, 2008 FOD Cracow, Poland PawelSadowski Finalizing tasks 100-140
June 7, 2008 Fedora 9 Release Install Party Arlon, Belgium JonathanBasse Status soon -
June 9, 2008 Fedora Release Party Kathmandu, Nepal ShankarPokharel Presentation of Fedora 9, Free DVD, Talks, Social, Free Foods, Drinks 50
June 15, 2008 Tech Day, OpenSuorce & Fedora Pavia, Italy
AndreaModestoRossi Talks, Install Party, ... 50 - 75
June 19-21, 2008 FUDCon Boston 2008 Boston, MA MaxSpevack, PaulFrields, GregDeKoenigsberg See FUDConF10 for status. 200
June 21, 2008 Fedora 9 Release Install Party Paris, France
ThomasCanniot Event has been fully funded out of Q1 budget. 75 - 100
June 23-29, 2008 Campus Party Colombia Bogota - Colombia Juan Camilo Prada - -
July 04, 2008 Events/Lindependence 2008 Felton, CA USA Karsten Wade, Larry Cafiero Conversion of businesses to Linux en masse -
July 1-5, 2008 Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (RMLL) Mont-de-Marsant, France
ThomasCanniot Status soon -
July 5-11, 2008 Eth0: 7 Days of high-tech geekfest Den Oever, Netherlands YaakovNemoy talks, hacking, gaming, VJ' and DJ'ing, OSS, Embedded. See eth-0 2008 80-150
July 7-12, 2008 GUADEC Istanbul, Turkey JonathanBlandford talks, swag, etc. -
July 19-20, 2008 LUG Radio Live UK MaxSpevack Small RH and Fedora presence -
July 21-25, 2008 OSCON2008 Portland, OR USA JackAboutboul Talks, Booth and BoF.
Swag sent to JohnPoelstra May 10.
July 23-26, 2008 Linux Symposium Ottawa, Ontario, Canada TomCallaway MattDomsch presenting MirrorManager, JesseKeating presenting spin creation, TomCallaway leading Fedora BOF 700
July 25-27, 2008 LTSP Hackfest Portland, Oregon WarrenTogami Event is currently in planning, might visit free parts of OSCon as well -
July 28-31, 2008 XVI ENECOMP Campina Grande - PB, Brazil GutembergMedeiros See ENECOMP for status 900
August 1-3 2008 Hyderabad SiddharthUpmanyu "mukt is derived from the word mukti, meaning the experience of being free from bondage." Large
August 4-7, 2008 LinuxWorld Expo San Francisco, CA JackAboutboul Booth and BoF -
August 23-24, 2008 FrOSCon 2008 Sankt Augustin, NRW, Germany Max Spevack & Robert M. Albrecht FrOSCon is a two-day conference on free software and open source. See FrOSCon2008. 1100+
August 26-30, 2008 CESOL Fortaleza, Brazil RodrigoPadula See CESOL for status -
August 27 2008 NIE School Teachers Workshop Colombo DanishkaNavin See planning page Medium
August 28-29 2008 TechTrix '08 Kolkata SusmitShannigrahi Tech Fest of RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata. Will update details soon. Medium
August 28-30, 2008 UTOSC2008 Salt Lake City, Utah ClintSavage See UTOSC2008 for updates 350+
September 5-7, 2008 FUDCon Brno Brno, Czech Republic MaxSpevack status and registration 200
September 6, 2008 CONSUDEC Ch Chascomus, Argentina Pablobarrera Confirmed 100
September 10 2008 FOSS for teachers NIE, Sri Lanka DanishkaNavin See here for status Medium
September 10, 2008 Fedora Docs Presentation Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC David Nalley Invite from school to present Fedora, and specifically the docs project and possibly to involve the tech support classes in writing documentation for fp.o. Would like tshirts, stickers, LiveCDs, and perhaps an XO to show off. ~20
September 12-13-14, 2008 Fête de l'humanité 2008 Paris, France Quentindumont See Fête de l'humanité 2008 for status -
September 12,13 2008 FOSS for teachers Marawila, Sri Lanka DanishkaNavin See here for status Medium
September 14, 2008 Charleston Linux Demo Days Charleston, SC David Nalley Linux demonstration and conference being held in Charleston 50
September 19, 2008 Benedict College Columbia SC DavidNalley Small presentation to comp sci students hoping to recruit still VERY tentative 25-75
September 20, 2008 Atlanta Linux Fest Atlanta, GA David Nalley Installfest/one day conference ~100?
September 20 2008 SFD '2008 Kolkata A. Mani SFD, Kolkata Team: ILUG-CALINFO. See [1] We have a Fedora session too Medium
20 September 2008 Software Freedom Day Quezon City, Philippines EngelsAntonio, MagieAntonio, HehersonPagcaliwagan See SFD2008 for status 400
September 20, 2008 SFD2008 Managua, Nicaragua Neville Cross See Team Nicaragua for status 500
September 20, 2008 SFD Salvador, Brazil Rafaelgomes See [SFD] for status 200
September 24-25, 2008 OpenExpo 2008 Zurich, Switzerland FabianAffolter A 2-day Expo about Open Source Software in business area as application, service or further development.
See OpenExpo2008_Zurich for status
September 24-26 2008 [FSLCN 2008] Roraima, Brazil RodrigoPadula See FSLCN 2008 for status 1200
September 24-25, 2008 Paris Capitale du Libre 2008 Paris, France ThomasCanniot See PCL2008_Paris for status 3,000 (last year figures)
26-28 September 2008 AXIS'08 Nagpur, India SusmitShannigrahi Install fest, followed by workshops. For more see here ~100
September 27-28, 2008 Fedora Campaign Kasseh, GHANA User:Tymensk Introducing and demonstrating fedora to the people. Talks on free and open source software 200+
October 3, 2008 SWU Central, SC DavidNalley Small comp sci (OO programming) presentation hopefully pushing students to get involved. 25-50
October 4, 2008 RocGeeks Rochester, NY KarlieRobinson Showing the XO to a SIG consisting of Computer geeks, techies, gadget enthusiasts. Will be talking about running Fedora on the XO 9-14 [Report]
October 6-7, 2008 Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2008 Norman, OK SantoshKumar 7th Annual Supercomputing Symposium, which brings in Scientists, Researchers & Enthusiasts from across the US 150+
October 11, 2008 Ohio Linux Fest Columbus, OH JeffreyTadlock planning page 1000+ [Report]
October 9-13 2008 UofSMarywood University Scranton, PA LeoJackson Introducing Fedora, Install Party, Media Distribution, Open Source Show & Tell, QA 380+ [Report]
October 19, 2008 Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference Harrisburg, PA YaakovNemoy GregDeKoenigsberg, KarlieRobinson, and BrianPowell are slotted to attend - [Report]
October 19, 2008 Virginia Tech Linux Unix Users Group Installfest Blacksburg Virginia jbwillia Fall Semister InstallFest 50? [Report]
October 23-24, 2008 Free Software & Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) Toronto, Canada ChrisTyler Canadian open source conference - Paul W. Frields, Greg DeKoenigsberg, and other Fedorans slated to attend - An Open Source in Education track is being planned 350
October 25, 2008 Ontario Linux Fest Toronto, Canada AndrewOverholt Paul W. Frields attending. Behdad Esfahbod and Deepak Bhole hosting booth. Greg DeKoenigsberg speaking. Hundreds?
October 25, 2008 Lindependence Day 2008 Portland, OR Larry Cafiero Installfest, evangelism expo, Larry Cafiero and Matt McKenzie representing Fedora so far 100+
October ?? 2008 College of Charleston Charleston, SC David Nalley Installfest - Linux presentations - perhaps recruiting a campus rep, date not firmly set - 100
October 3-4 2008 Encontro DF 2008 Brasília, Brazil RodrigoPadula See Encontro DF 2008 for status 1500
October 2-4 2008 Festival GNU 2008 Chihuahua, México AlejandroAcosta Conferences about GNU/Linux participating representatives from FSF, Ubuntu, Fedora, among others, more details to be added as arrived 800
October 8-11 2008 Latinux Expo & Conferencias 2008 Caracas, Venezuela MariaLeandro See Latinux Expo & Conferencias 2008 for status 3000
October ??, 2008 Encuentro Linux Concepción, Chile ArturoHoffstadt See Encuentro Linux 2008 for status 1000
October 11, 2008 III Linux Day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RodrigoPadula Conference about GNU/Linux participating representatives from Fedora 200
October 21-23, 2008 IV Semana de Informática Rio de Janeiro, Brazil RodrigoPadula Conference about GNU/Linux participating representatives from Fedora 100
November ??, 2008 Latinoware 2008 Fóz do Iguaçu, Brazil RodrigoPadula See Latinoware 2008 for status 3000
October 13-19 2008 Athens Digital Week Athens, Greece DimitrisGlezos Huge informatics event in Athens 50K?
October 18 Linuxinfotag Landau 2008 Landau, germany Henrik Heigl small Linux presentation and smalltalk event 100
October 19-23, 2008 GITEX Dubai, UAE JohnBabich status and registration 130K
October 25-26, 2008 T-DOSE Eindhoven, The Netherlands None Yet None Yet -
October 25, 2008 Linuxday 2008 Italy LucaFoppiano, GianlucaVarisco, FrancescoCrippa, LorenzoVillani, AndreaModestoRossi, FrancescoUgolini, MarcoPalazzotti Italian Linux day is a distribuited event: during all the day there will be about 100 events orgranized all around the county 100 up to 3000 people per event
29 October 2008 SFD 2008 Tunis, Tunisia ChihebChabchoub, NihedMbarek, WaelAmmar, ZiedFakhfakh planning page 1,500
Oct 2008 or Nov 2008 FOSS Introduction Day Singapore Jason Benedict Low "Where Piracy meets Fedora and FOSS!" "More software licensing ? It's time for choices !" est.20
27-30 October 2008 HITBSecConf 08 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ShahrimanSamsudin One of the largest security conference being held in Asia Pasific Region. It's good chance to promote Fedora security/infrastructure features etcx3. Some Free Live CD or DVD required (200-300) 2000
November 10, 2008 LISA San Diego, CA David Nalley]] BoF session Attendance at LISA will be 1k+ - at the BoF I'd be happy with 25
~ November 15, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party Greenville, SC USA DavidNalley - -
November 15, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party! Indianapolis, IN ScottWilliams Fedora 10 release party and installfest 100?
November 26, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party Toronto ON Canada AndrewOverholt Release party, install fest, demos, etc. Probably about 50 I have it here so I'll use it :) FedoraEvents/ReleaseParty/F10/Toronto
November 15-17, 2008 [FSLCN 2008] Roraima, Brazil RodrigoPadula See FSLCN 2008 for status 1200
November 14-16, 2008 Fedora Ambassador Day EMEA 2008 Basel, Switzerland MaxSpevack & SandroMathys Planning session for Fedora EMEA activities in 2009 21
November 29, 2008 Linuxday 2008 Dornbirn, Austria FabianAffolter A 1-day Expo about Open Source Software
Planning page
November 29, 2008 Thessaloniki Fedora 10 Release Party Thessaloniki, Greece ChristosBacharakis Fedora 10 Release party at Thessaloniki 40
8-9th November 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MohdIzharFirdaus 2008 is Malaysia’s premier Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. Whilst this is our first go at it, we aim for this to be an annual event bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from Malaysia, Singapore, Asia and the rest of the world for a two day grassroots driven FOSS conference. ~200
November 2008 (TBD) Jakarta F10 Release Party and Install Fest at Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Indraya F10 Cd and DVD distribution, F10 Live USB Stick Creation Station, T-Shirts, Flyer and Sticker, Drinks, Music ~200
November 2008 (TBD) Surabaya F10 Release Party and Install Fest at Indonesia Surabaya, Indonesia Johanhsn F10 Cd and DVD distribution, F10 Live USB Stick Creation Station, T-Shirts, Flyer and Sticker, Drinks, Music ~7500
November, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party and Distribution Bonanza at Vellore Institute of technology (VIT) Vellore, India Vellore, India KarthikParvathaneni Fedora 10 Release Party,Banners, Posters and Placards, Exhibition, On-Spot Installation and DVD Distribution approx: 200
November, 25-29 India - details -
November 29, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party Bishkek,Kyrgyzstan Mirlan Ipasov Kyrgyzstan Fedora 10 Release Party approx: 200
November 29, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party Kathmandu, Nepal Shankar Pokharel Fedora 10 Release Party Nepal approx: 200
November 30, 2008 Fedora 10 Release Party| Shenzhen Linux/Unix User Group Shenzhen, China Crquan Fedora 10 Release Party Shenzhen, China approx: 20