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Test Plan for polkit-kde

How to test

  • You need to have at least Fedora 13
cat /etc/fedora-release
  • Make sure you have polkit-kde installed
rpm -q polkit-kde
  • Test whether Authentication Agent is running
pidof /usr/libexec/kde4/polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1
  • Do some PolicyKit action that requires authentication, for example
pkexec echo "Hello, world"
  • When you execute this action as regular user, this should happened:
  1. KDE (not the Gnome one) authentication dialog should appear (above all windows)
  2. You can display details of the action
  3. You can enter wrong root password and the dialog shows an error with short delay (delay is needed to prevent automatic attacks)
  4. PolicyKit should deny your action on pressing Cancel button or after 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter password
  5. You can enter proper root password, dialog will disappear and the text Hello, World appears in the terminal window

Known issues

  • Authentication dialog doesn't appear above all windows
  • Bug #530456 Dialog doesn't accept empty password (if it is empty - e.g. on Live CD)