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|Spanish (es_ES)||{{result|pass|es-ES}}||||
|Spanish (es_ES)||{{result|pass|es-ES}}||||
|Italian (it_IT)||{{result|pass|it-IT}}||||
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[[ Go back to test day]]

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Nautilus is file manager for the GNOME desktop.


This is a translation testing for nautilus

How to test

  • Click on 'Activities' (Top Left Corner) and Click on 'Files' from left side or
  • Run command nautilus
  • If not installed, run "yum install nautilus" as root and then execute the above command.
  • Check translations.


Language Result [language code] Bug Comment
Example: abcd (ab_cd)
Fail fail ab_cd
Pass pass ab_cd
RHBZ #12345 This is the comment
Spanish (es_ES)
Pass pass es-ES
Italian (it_IT)
Pass pass it-IT

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