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Instruction to run application


Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application

This is a translation testing for rhythmbox

How to test

  • Run command rhythmbox
  • If not installed, run "yum install rhythmbox" as root and then execute the above command.
  • Check translations and shortcut keys in menu, submenu.


Language Result [language code] Bug Comment
Example: abcd (ab_cd)
Fail fail ab_cd
Pass pass ab_cd
RHBZ #12345 This is the comment
Spanish (es_ES)
Pass pass es_ES
Shortcuts were ignored in translation.
Italian (it_IT)
Pass pass it_IT
Korean (ko_KR)
Fail fail ko_KR
Some strings are untranslated. eg:"Check for New Devices", "Album Art" etc.
T Chin (zh-TW)
Fail fail zh-TW
Some strings are untranslated. eg: "Add Music"
Japanese (ja-JP)
Fail fail ja-JP
n/a Play->'add music' string not localized.
French (fr-FR)
Pass pass fr-FR
Portuguese (pt_BR)
Pass pass pt_BR
Assamese (as-IN)
Fail fail as-IN
Partially untranslated.
Tamil (ta-IN)
Fail fail ta-IN
Several strings unlocalized.

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