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[FIXME Proposed meeting agenda]

Previous meeting follow-up

  1. [Viking-Ice] - updating meeting channel page w/ new QA time
  2. [jlaska] - discuss ideas with fedora-infrastructure for getting test candidates out to testers
  3. [Viking-Ice] - update on Dracut testing considerations

In the news

Alpha test compose

An F12 Alpha test compose is scheduled for delivery this Wednesday, 2009-07-29 (see schedule). Liam Li has invited install testers to contribute results against the upcoming Alpha Candidate.

Alpha blocker bug day#3

In preparation for this Friday's blocker bug day#3, jlaska asked the group for volunteers to help announce and summarize the event (in accordance with the draft SOP [1]).

Whose got the ball(s)?

AutoQA update

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Upcoming QA events

Action items

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