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This test will verify that anaconda can load an updates.img from removable media. Note, this test needs removable media for storing an updates.img (USB storage or floppy disk). Additional information on using an updates.img can be found at Anaconda/Updates.

How to test

  1. Prepare a valid updates.img. For example, to create an updates.img you might run the following
    mkdir /tmp/updates
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/updates.img bs=1k count=1440
    mke2fs /tmp/updates.img
    mount -o loop /tmp/updates.img /tmp/updates
    touch /tmp/updates/TESTING123
    umount /tmp/updates
  2. Write the updates.img to your removable media:
    dd if=/tmp/updates.img of=/dev/sdd
  3. Insert the removable drive (USB key or floppy disk)
  4. Boot the installer with the boot argument: updates
  5. When prompted, select the appropriate removable device from the list

Expected Results

  1. The system should install successfully
  2. The updates.img is loaded successfully, to confirm check for the presence of the file /tmp/updates/TESTING123
  3. After install, the system boots successfully