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This install verifies that installing on a BIOS RAID device works properly.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means
  2. Advance to Storage Devices screen
  3. Choose Specialized Storage Devices and click Next
  4. To add a BIOS RAID volume, under Firmware RAID label, select all detected BIOS RAID volumes
  5. Choose either automated partitioning or custom partitioning if you want to create your own disk layout
  6. Proceed with normal installation

Expected Results

  1. All installable BIOS RAID devices are successfully detected by installer and are available for partitioning
  2. Partitions are created and formatted properly
  3. Install completes successfully
  4. Package errors (install.log) should not occur
  5. System boots successfully recognizing filesystems created on the BIOS RAID device(s)