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Set up Floating IPs with OpenStack


  1. Follow QA:Testcase_launch_an_instance_on_OpenStack

Make sure that nova is configured with the correct public network interface. The default is eth0, but you can change it in /etc/nova/nova.conf.

$> sudo bash -c 'echo "--public_interface=em1" >> /etc/nova/nova.conf'
$> sudo service openstack-nova-network restart 

How to test

Carve out a block of addresses to use for instances:

$> sudo nova-manage floating create

Allocate an address to use for an instance:

$> euca-allocate-address 

Associate the allocated address with a running instance:

$> euca-associate-address -i i-00000006
ADDRESS	i-00000006

Expected Results

Verify that you can now ssh into the instance using the newly assigned address:

$> cd ~/novacreds
$> ssh -i nova_key.priv root@

If you would like, you can now disassociate and release the address assigned for testing.

$> euca-disassociate-address
$> euca-release-address