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Setup OpenStack dashboard and perform an initial login.


These 3 steps are already completed but for reference:

How to test

Check that there is a F17-x86_64-cfntools JEOS in glance:

 glance index

Create an SSH key and register it with nova

 nova keypair-add --pub_key ~/.ssh/ ${USER}_key

Launch a Wordpress instance:

 heat create wordpress --template-url= --parameters="InstanceType=m1.xlarge;DBUsername=${USER};DBPassword=verybadpass;KeyName=${USER}_key"

List stacks:

 heat list

Describe the wordpress stack

 heat describe wordpress

Delete the instance when done:

 heat delete wordpress
 heat list

Expected Results

glance index should return

 [root@localhost images]# glance index
 ID                                   Name                           Disk Format          Container Format     Size          
 ------------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------- -------------------- --------------
 a485aeb3-abbc-45d3-8a70-13bed62895dc F17-x86_64-cfntools            qcow2                bare                      647228928