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This test case tests the basic functionality of tuned tool. This tool can statically and dynamically tune your system according to selected profile.


  1. Check that you have Package-x-generic-16.pngtuned package version 2 or newer installed:
    $ rpm -q tuned
    There must be installed tuned version 2 or newer (but not 1) and tuned-utils subpackage.
    • If not install it:
    # yum install tuned tuned-utils

How to test

  1. Start tuned (via systemd):
    # systemctl start tuned.service
  2. List all available profiles:
    # tuned-adm list
  3. Try to switch between profiles, e.g. for powersave profile:
    # tuned-adm profile powersave
  4. Check if the profile was really set by:
    # tuned-adm active
  5. Try several other profiles.
  6. Try to generate tuned profile from powertop's suggestions:
    # powertop2tuned test-profile
    In this generated profile all powertop's tunings are initially disabled, you can selectively enable them by editing /etc/tuned/test-profile/
  7. Try to switch to generated profile:
    # tuned-adm profile test-profile
  8. Switch back to balanced profile:
    # tuned-adm profile balanced
  9. Remove generated profile:
    # rm -rf /etc/tuned/test-profile
  10. When done switch tuned completely off by:
    # systemctl stop tuned.service
  11. Check if the tuned process is not left running by:
    # pgrep -l tuned

Expected Results

  1. No errors while switching / generating profiles.
  2. No left tuned process when switched off (ksmtuned not counted).