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This test verifies that DVD.iso image can be booted and installed from a USB stick created by a dd command.

You might lose your data
This test case requires you to use low-level system utilities that can easily destroy all your data when used incorrectly. Only follow this if you are a highly-experienced user or you don't mind losing your system and your data.


  1. You need to have a USB stick that is larger than the DVD.iso image.

How to test

  1. Convert the DVD.iso image to the USB stick using dd.
    • Example command is:
      # dd if=Fedora-29-x86_64-DVD.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=16M
      where you replace sdX by your USB stick device identifier. This will destroy all data on that disk.
    • A longer guide how to use this command is available at How to create and use Live USB#Using dd for a direct copy.
  2. Boot the system from the USB stick.
  3. Proceed with the installation.

Expected Results

  1. The ISO image is converted to the USB stick without error.
  2. The DVD image boots into the installer without error.
  3. The installation finishes successfully.
  4. The new system initiates boot properly.