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This test case retrieves basic information about a domain.


  1. Make sure to complete the prerequisites before starting this test.
  2. No domain credentials are needed for this test.

How to test

  1. Run adcli to get domain info
    $ adcli info

Expected Results

The output should contain the following information. Substitute as expected for your domain.

  • The full DNS domain-name (like:
  • The short NetBIOS domain-short (like: DOMAIN)
  • The closest domain-controller (like:
    • In particular if the domain has multiple sites, then this domain controller should be the one for the site that local machine is a part of.
  • Expected domain-controller-flags
  • Should say domain-controller-usable = yes
  • Should list all the nearby/global domain-controllers
  • Should list the local computer-site for the computer.


  • Use the --verbose argument to provide output when troubleshooting or reporting bugs.