QA:Testcase add SSH keypair to OpenStack

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Test adding an SSH key pair to an account.


  1. Follow QA:Testcase_create_OpenStack_user_project_and_network
  2. If you started with a minimal installation for testing, you will need to install the unzip package.
  3. Download an unpack your credentials:
$> name='admin'
$> mkdir ~/novacreds
$> cd ~/novacreds
$> sudo nova-manage project zipfile $name $name
$> sudo chmod 600
$> sudo chown $USER:
$> unzip
$> . ./novarc 

How to test

Generate a key:

$> ssh-keygen -f nova_key

Add it:

$> euca-add-keypair nova_key > nova_key.priv

Change its permissions:

$> chmod 600 nova*

Expected Results

  • Check that the key is registered:
$> euca-describe-keypairs
  • Check that nova_key.priv actually contains a key
  • Check for errors in /var/log/nova/*.log