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A complete installation using the systems physical devices for the xfs filesystem. A detailed look at the xfs filesystem can be found at

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means (netinst/boot.iso, PXE, or DVD.iso)
  2. Proceed to the installation partition screen by selecting appropriate defaults
  3. At the first disk partitioning screen, select Create Custom Layout, select Next
  4. Place the root filesystem(/) on a xfs formatted partition
  5. Continue installation, choosing all provided defaults and selecting Next
  6. Boot the installer using any available means (netinst/boot.iso, PXE, or DVD)
  7. In theINSTALLATION SUMMARY screen,custom partitioning mode
  8. At the manual partitioning screen, place the root filesystem(/) on an xfs formatted partition,and proceed with installation
  9. Complete the installation

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda completes successfully
  2. Reboot successfully into installed system
  3. Confirm that / is formatted as xfs filesystem