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This is to verify that an installation can be performed from a HTTP/FTP repository configured in the Anaconda GUI.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available non-live means (anything except Live.iso)
  2. Change the installation source to point to a custom HTTP/FTP repository
  3. Proceed with installation

Expected Results

  1. The installer accepts the HTTP/FTP repository definition
  2. The said repository is used for installation. This can be checked by examining the /tmp/packaging.log file. Example output:
    09:34:37,295 DEBUG packaging: adding yum repo anaconda with baseurl and mirrorlist None
    09:34:37,313 DEBUG packaging: disabling repo fedora
    09:34:37,313 DEBUG packaging: disabling repo updates-testing
    09:34:37,314 DEBUG packaging: disabling repo updates
  3. The installation completes and the new system initiates boot properly