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A basic rendering check using the PyMol molecular viewer. You must be using a card supported by the Radeon video driver.

How to test

  1. Ensure the 'nomodeset' kernel parameter is not enabled in your bootloader configuration (unless you need it for basic X operation to suceed)
  2. Ensure that
glxinfo <pipe> grep 'OpenGL renderer'

does not return 'OpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer'

  1. Install the pymol package: `yum -y install pymol`
  2. Launch PyMol from a terminal
  3. Go to Wizard => Demo => Representations. There should be a list of demoes on the right side of the Pymol viewer window.
  4. Click on each demo in turn. For each demo:
    1. Use the mouse wheel to increase or decrease complexity
    2. left-click+mouse to rotate
    3. middle-click+mouse to move around
    4. and right-click+mouse to zoom in/out
  5. Quit pymol.

Expected Results

  1. all the demoes should run without crashing
  2. there should not be any obvious misrenderings (flickering, surfaces that come and go...)