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== Comments and Discussion ==
== Comments and Discussion ==
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* See [[Talk:QA_Test_Day_Spin]]   
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Comments and Explanations
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Spin Name

QA Test Day


This is a model kickstart file for generating spins for Test Days.


Detailed Description

The purpose of this spin is to provide a model kickstart file to people organizing Test Days that can easily be tweaked for specific Test Days. It is not intended to be used for producing a spin corresponding to a release.

Benefit to Fedora

The benefit is to make custom Test Day spins easier to produce and more consistent. Since no release image is to be produced, the cost to maintain this spin is low.

Kickstart File;a=blob_plain;f=custom/qa-test-day.ks;hb=master

ISO Name / FS Label

I think this is not applicable since the spin is not going to be produced as part of releases.


No outstanding dependencies, though it does refer to the live desktop spin.

Scope / Testing

  • The spin includes some tools useful for debugging and communicating with a test team during a Test Day.
  • The spin includes a custom desktop making it easier to figure out how to communicate with a test team during a test day.

Comments and Discussion