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Hey, remember the RPM Guide? The DocsProject does, and at long last the RPM Guide is getting the updates it needs. Because it has been so long, there is a lot of work to do. An incomplete list of tasks is below, and there are also bug reports in Bugzilla. Ben Cotton is coordinating the update effort, so if you want to help, please find him via e-mail or in IRC.

Important information

  • Many thanks to jsmith for Publicanizing the guide.
  • The RPM Guide is in the FedoraHosted Git repo.
  • Although this is being developed by Fedora's Documentation group, we'd like to keep the RPM Guide distro-agnostic where possible.
  • Upstream information can be found at http://www.rpm.org
  • Target completion date in the future


This is a completely incomplete list of tasks, feel free to break out the chapters into smaller pieces or add other tasks. If you're working on something, put your name and the date next to it and strike when completed.

  • Research needed
  • Admin tasks
  • Non-chaper XML files
    • Author_Group.xml
    • Book_Info.xml
    • Chapter.xml
    • Preface.xml
    • Revision_History.xml
    • RPM_Guide.xml
  • Chapters
    • rpm-guide-intro-packaging.xml
    • rpm-guide-intro-rpm.xml
    • rpm-guide-rpm-overview.xml
    • rpm-guide-using-rpm.xml
    • rpm-guide-using-rpm-db.xml
    • rpm-guide-dependencies.xml
    • rpm-guide-transactions.xml
    • rpm-guide-management-software.xml
    • rpm-guide-creating-rpms.xml
    • rpm-guide-specfiles.xml
    • rpm-guide-advanced-packaging.xml
    • rpm-guide-rpmbuild.xml
    • rpm-guide-extra-packaging-tools.xml
    • rpm-guide-packaging-guidelines.xml
    • rpm-guide-scripting.xml
    • rpm-guide-programming-c.xml
    • rpm-guide-programming-python.xml
    • rpm-guide-programming-perl.xml
    • rpm-guide-other-linuxes.xml
    • rpm-guide-other-os.xml
    • rpm-guide-customizing-rpm.xml
    • rpm-guide-command-reference.xml
    • rpm-guide-specfile-syntax.xml
    • rpm-guide-rpm-evolution.xml
    • rpm-guide-package-structure.xml
    • rpm-guide-online-resources.xml
    • rpm-guide-development-tools.xml
    • rpm-guide-licensing.xml