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We're not running a booth at this summit,
but we're keeping track of people going there.

This is no real event page and there's no event owner or any kind of event organization behind this. Also, there won't be any funding for people going to this event.

Still, if you're a contributor going to this summit (e.g. for your company), you may want to add your name to the list below. This might help everyone to travel together (to their domestic airport, to Malta and to the hotel) and of course to see what fellows are going to be there one could join for a beer.

Quick Facts

  • When:
    • Sunday to Wednesday, 2009-04-19/22


Add yourself at the end of this list if you're planning to attend the summit.
Please also indicate the scheduled arrival/departure times at the local international airport.
# Name Arrival Departure Comments
001 Sandro Mathys TBD TBD
002 Jeroen van Meeuwen Really early... It's Malta! Really late... It's Malta! Capitalizing Communities talk
003 FrancescoCrippa 2009-04-18 2009-04-22 It's Malta!
004 Jasper Capel TBD TBD Malta it is!