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* [[FedoraEvents/Organization| Event Organizers' Resources]]  
* [[FedoraEvents/Organization| Event Organizers' Resources]]  
== Upcoming Release Parties - Fedora 18 ==
== Upcoming Release Parties - Fedora 20 ==
* [[F20_release_events| Release Parties F20]]
* [[F20_release_events| Release Parties F20]]

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Fedora Release Party

Hosting release parties near the time of a Fedora release is a great way to help spread Fedora in your local area and provide an opportunity for Fedora users in your area to come together as a community. Release parties can be casual events in different manners. From meeting in a coffee shop with a few people to larger scale events with more people in attendance and planned activities like install party, workshops, talk with speakers from the Fedora community, and discussion.

Upcoming Release Parties - Fedora 20

Past Release Parties