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* Jitesh Shah
* Jitesh Shah
* Salil Kanitkar
* Salil Kanitkar
* [[User: amey | Amey Inamdar ]]
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Fedora 11 Release Party - Pune, India

When and Where

Saturday, 4th of July 2009. Event starts at 11 AM and extends for the day.

Red Hat Software Services Pune, India at Attendance is free for the public.


Feel free to mail Rahul Sundaram, sundaram AT



  • ...


  • Fedora 11 - overview and changes
  • Fedora India team projects
  • Fedora 11 Spins and Remixes
  • Sugar on a Stick
  • (add here)
  • ...
  • General Q&A

Other stuffs

The following will be provided for free for all attendees

  • Fedora 11 DVD x86 edition and Fedora stickers
  • Snacks - Veg Pizzas and cool drinks

If the attendees bring their own USB sticks, we can make LiveUSB of Fedora 11 available

Organizers / Team