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Fedora 11 Release Party - Agartala, India

For 2 days between 15-20 July,2009(not yet finalized) at NIT Agartala, Agartala, India

  • Inviting interested faculty members & students of our college, Tripura Institute of Technology(TIT), ICFAI, Tripura Medical College(TMC) & other local colleges & schools officially through college invitation
  • Will also put up few posters at important places in the city to attract interested people


  1. Expected attendance of over 1,000 people over the two days.


  • ...


  • Install fest
  • Talks via VoIP with Fedora & O'Reilly speakers(negotiations ongoing)
  • Presentations & workshops(Qcad, QUCS & Scilab) by NIT Agartala GLUG members

Other stuffs

  • Contacted Mozilla to have a Firefox event

Organizers / Team