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# [[user:gorginos | George Chatzipapas]]
# [[user:gorginos | George Chatzipapas]]
# [[user:constanton| Kostas Antonakoglou]]
# [[user:constanton| Kostas Antonakoglou]]
# [[user:dimitrisglaros| Dimitris Glaros]]
== Summary, Photos, Blogposts ==
== Summary, Photos, Blogposts ==

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[edit] Fedora 15 Release Party - Athens, Greece

[edit] When and Where

  • July 28, 2011
  • 21:00 Local time
  • Athens Hackerspace (site in greek)

[edit] Organizers / Team

[edit] Program

  • Talk about features inside Fedora 15 and Gnome3
  • Live USB stick creation station (Don't forget your USB Stick!)
  • CD/DVD distribution
  • Translated Fedora flyer distribution (What is Fedora, etc)
  • add here your own stuff if you want to do something!

[edit] Attendees

  1. Nikos Roussos
  2. Pierros Papadeas
  3. Dimitris Tomaras
  4. Nestos Theophrastou
  5. George Chatzipapas
  6. Kostas Antonakoglou
  7. Dimitris Glaros

[edit] Summary, Photos, Blogposts

A very fascinating fedora release party took place in Athens at Papadeas and Nikos Roussos made a speech about the new features of Fedora 15,the new desktop environment,GNOME 3, and its benefits as far as user experience is concerned.