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= Fedora Events: Fedora 18 release event, Bucharest =
= Fedora Events: Fedora 18 release event, Budapest =
== Event Owner ==
== Event Owner ==
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... and possibly more...
... and possibly more...
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== Reports ==
* [ '''rgeri77''' report]
* [ '''rgeri77's''' photos]
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[edit] Fedora Events: Fedora 18 release event, Budapest

[edit] Event Owner

[edit] Description

On Tuesday 18/2 at noon, we would like to have an small FAD and release party with our members, where we can share exeriences and planning about the upcoming months. This event is a good opportunity to bind Fedora lovers and users to join us in our release event.

During the release event we are going to have at least four presentations and a workshop along with a lot of media and swag to give away to our lovers and users. Our main goal is to find contributors and users who are willing to contribute in Fedora!

[edit] When and Where

[edit] Location

  • Restaurant Zöld Kapu
  • Address: 1034 Budapest,
  • Street: Szőlő str. 42.
  • Nearest mass transit stop: Tímár street

[edit] When

18/02/2012 18:00pm

[edit] Food


[edit] Fedora Project Attendees

  • Zoltan Hoppar - Fedora Ambassador, HU L10n team coordinator, Translator
  • Peter Bojtos - ULX, L10n Translator, Sulix developer
  • Mate Gelei - Fedora Ambassador
  • Gergely Rákosi - Fedora Ambassador
  • Gergely Buday - Fedora Member, Developer
  • Zoltan Paldi - Fedora member
  • Csaba Ravadics - Fedora member

... and possibly more...

[edit] Reports