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(Fedora 19 Release Party - Budapest, Hungary)
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(after the event)
(after the event)
== History ==
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Fedora 19 Release Party - Budapest, Hungary

When and Where

  • July 19, 2013
  • 13:00 -18:00 CET
  • Balabit Office Meeting room (not fully confirmed, team is on it)

Organizers / Team

Program and talks

  • New king of the Hill - New features for Fedora 19 (Zoltan)
  • Start your RS PI: Pidora is out! (Zoltan)
  • Pause
  • How to play with Fedora - New Games on Fedora 19 (Rgeri77)
  • FirefoxOS and Fedora (FirefoxOS demo, and you can grab/try one of the sample phones) (Kami)

  • Live USB stick creation station (Don't forget your USB Stick!)
  • Quest for disks - "Grab your copy" war game - CD/DVD distribution
  • All this goes online - through our ustream direct podcast, follow us! ( We will publish the link where you can join)


  1. Rakosi Gergely

Summary, Photos, Blogposts

(after the event)