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Fedora 9 Release Party - Florence, Italy

Event held properly on May 31st 2008

Report: [1]

When and Where

  • 31 May 2008, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Stazione di Confine - Ground floor - Infoland room
  • Florence, Italy
  • Official event link [2]


  • F9 presentation
  • Install party
  • Automatic Fedora USB Creation
  • Talks


If you will surely come, please add your name here:

Name Qualification Extra notes
FrancescoUgolini FAmSCO Chair, Fedora Ambassador -
LorenzoVillani Fedora Ambassador, Packaging, KDE Developer -


Speaker Title Description
FrancescoUgolini Fedora 9 Introduction to Fedora 9, The distribution, the community


Task Description  % Complete
Stickers Print several A4 adhesive paper sheets using Nicu stickers kit 100%
Posters Print "Freedom, Voice, Infinity" posters for usage at our stand 100%
Posters(2) Print several poster to sponsor the event 100%
LiveUSB Creation Station (GNOME) Provide LiveUSB Creation station for GNOME 100%
LiveUSB Creation Station (KDE) Provide LiveUSB Creation station for KDE 100%
Fedora Station Provide a computer with Fedora to let user "try-before-install" (using KDE 4.0.80) 100%
Food Buy snacks (it's better to wait until 27-28th 100%
Drinks Buy drinks 100%
Beer Buy a couple of litres of beer (we have ~5litres now ) 100%