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Fedora 14 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 14 Release.


 % Complete Name Summary Updated
80% D Programming Add a D compiler (LDC) and D standard runtime library (Tango) 2010-06-17
20% Debug Python Stacks Fedora now ships debug versions of Python 2 and Python 3 in addition to the traditional optimized builds. This will be of use to advanced Python users, such as developers of extension modules 2010-07-07
15% EC2 We will provide a concurrent release of Fedora 14 and above on the Amazon EC2 cloud 2010-07-09
40% Erlang R14 Update Erlang to the upstream R14 release 2010-07-16
40% Boost 1.44 Update Boost to the upstream 1.44 release 2010-07-13
80% Gdb Index This project will remove the useless indices from the .debug files, and will replace them with an index that greatly speeds up gdb 2010-07-09
55% Gnome 3 Include Gnome 3.0 2010-07-14
50% Go Programming Add a Go compiler 2010-07-06
95% ipmiutil An easy-to-use fully-featured IPMI server management utility 2010-06-11
60% libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo is fork of the original libjpeg project. It contains numerous performance related enhancements and is at least twice faster in JPEG compression/decompression than original libjpeg on platforms with MMX/SSE instruction set. 2010-06-04
65% LZMA For LiveImages Enabling LZMA for compression to allow us ship more software on our live images. 2010-06-13
60% MeeGo 1.0 Provide the MeeGo Netbook UX 1.0 experience in Fedora 2010-07-11
95% Multipath Install Anaconda adds the ability to correctly identify and set up multipath devices for use as installation targets 2010-02-09
45% NetBeans 6.9 Re-base to the NetBeans 6.9 2010-07-14
30% Open SCAP Provide open-source Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) framework, basic set of applications and OVAL/XCCDF security content 2010-07-02
100% Perl 5.12 Update to Perl 5.12 2010-07-09
10% Python 2.7 Update Python to the upstream 2.7 release 2010-06-24
60% Rakudo Star Rakudo is an implementation of the Perl 6 specification for the Parrot virtual machine, in rapid development. Rakudo Star is the first production release of Rakudo 2010-07-06
50% Spice Spice aims to provide a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktops 2010-07-13
65% Sugar 0.90 Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment (0.90), including an enhanced activity set to provide an stable demo environment for Sugar as well as an environment for developers 2010-07-15
10% systemd systemd is a replacement for SysVinit that acts as a system and session manager 2010-06-01

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