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[edit] Smolt hardware reporting tool

  • Owners: MikeMcGrath
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

[edit] Current status

Functional. Please see the stats page for more info:

[edit] Summary

A hardware reporting tool that will allow us to understand the hardware that Fedora runs on better

[edit] Usage cases/rationale

Dev's can focus on popular hardware and use UUID to help troubleshoot individual users

[edit] Scope

The scope of smolt is very small, collect hardware and basic OS information and report it to the smolt server for analysis.

[edit] Test Plan

Monitor the stats page for more information.

[edit] Dependencies


[edit] Details

Smolt is based off of the rhn-client-tools. It uses hal to examine a host and then sends the information it recieves to a central server for analysis. Primary website at: