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Robert Whetsel

Bio: Robert Whetsel - is a decorated war veteran with over 15 years of Information Management and Technology experience and 19 years of business management experience. Currently, he is the Chief Maintainer for the Open FlightLinux Project, the founder of The Open Business Foundation, Adjunct Professor - Computer Science at Frederick Community College, a member of the Informatics Coalition of Maryland and serves on the Steering Committee for the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board Information Technology Cluster Initiative for the State of Maryland. Additionally, Robert has extensive experience in proprietary technologies, however he has been involved heavily with the Open Source movement since 1993. He has contributed to numerous Linux distributions and other Open Source projects as a developer, mentor and Ambassador. In the past, Robert has developed projects based on customized open source operating systems utilizing both the Linux and BSD kernel. Furthermore, he has been the lead developer for two Open Source Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects: an AI-driven file system called neural network file system NNFS and a decision-making Open Perceptron driven by intelligent algorithms (written in C# for mono).

Research & Development

Intelligent Workflow: Currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to develop an intelligent knowledge management system (knowledge acquisition, filtering, organization, and reuse). In particular, techniques used are natural language processing, machine learning, intelligent agents, intelligent multi-agents, text mining, data mining, information extraction, and Web-based learning. Intelligent Personal Assistant: Personalizing the end-user experience (portal technologies) through the use of emergence algorithms to learn and educate system behaviors such as customized workflow, data retrieval, and report generation. Evolution of a GNU Linux distribution based on three core concepts: superior engineering, next-generation design concepts, and open standards. Simplifying the installation and configuration of Linux and other Unix-like Operating systems

Classes Taught

  • CIS111L Linux/Unic Operating Systems
  • CIS111M Personal Computer Operating Systems Concepts
  • CIS212 Personal Computer Repair and Diagnostics
  • LPI: Linux Fundamentals
  • LPI: Enterprise Linux Systems Administration
  • LPI: Enterprise Linux Networking Services
  • Porting Applications to an Open Source Platform
  • Developing Service Oriented Architecture on Linux
  • Introduction to Linux, Apache, mySQL/Postgres and PHP (LAMP) Programming


  • Introduction to Open Source: Sage Small Business Services, LLC February 23, 2005; FITCI March 16, 2005; Hood College September 18, 2006
  • A Business case for Open Source: Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) March 16, 2005
  • Open Source for Bio-Tech Companies: FITCI March 16, 2005
  • A Micro-Kernel Java-Based Virtualized Operating System: Hood College April 24-30, 2006
  • Explaining AI to Extraterrestrials: Hood College December 13, 2006
  • Simplifying Linux Operating System Design: Nitix July 24, 2006; Xandros December 16, 2006
  • Simplified Application Development: E2Open October 16, 2006; Xandros November 16, 2006

Contact Me

Email: [[MailTo(rwhetsel AT ravensong DOT com)] | Website: | Direct Line: 240-215-3944

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