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'''IM conferences:'''
'''IM conferences:'''
* ''Jabber-conference:''
* ''Jabber-conference:''
* ''IRC:''
* ''IRC:'' {{Fpchat|fedora-russian}}

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[edit] Fedora in Russia

Russian Fedora Project is a big Fedora related activity in Russia since 2008.

[edit] Goals

The main goal of the project is to make Fedora more convenient for Russian users and contributors.

World-wide Fedora Project is great, but unfortunately language barrier is quite a big obstacle for many local members. So Russian Fedora contributors both participate in multilingual Fedora community and also maintain Fedora-related resources in Russian (web site, bug tracker, wiki, forum board, maillist, jabber conference, etc) to attract more people from Russia to join the project.

[edit] Team

One can find the most active members of Russian Fedora community in Category:RussianFedora.

[edit] Communication

Coordinator of the community - Mamasun

Resources in Russian:

Russian Fedora on social networks:

IM conferences:

  • Jabber-conference:
  • IRC: fedora-russian[?]