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Fedora day in Alexandria


  • Nadeen will arrange the place and set the date
  • Ahmed and Nadeen will update their presentations
  • Ahmed will create remaster
  • Some guide points to the speakers
    • Try to use Fedora Presentation Templates (Make life more blue :) )
    • Don't speak alot about history , it's a little boring
    • Don't target technical details all the time
    • almost 30 minute is enough for any speaker


@ Nadeen

  • Location : [Alexandria Bibleothica??] , Alexandria
  • Date : ??/07/2012 From 12:00 to 02:00

Event Description

We want to introduce fedora and opensource to people in attractive way, enlighten some new technologies in open source (Android , Some open hardware projects) and Motivate people to join open source

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

  • Nadeen (Intro) : ~ 40 minutes
  •  ?? (installation) : ~ 20 minutes
  • Ahmed (Contribution to open source) : ~ 20 minutes


  • A simple Logic/Math/Graph Challenge with swag for the first 3 winners

Important Deadlines

  • Event must be before 14 of June

Event Budget

To list all things we think about


  • 30 Ballons
  • Iso of the modified distribution


  • We need a map and dorections about how get to the event place (Some shtos from wiki mpedia will be good and description )

Event Report

Some photos on flicker and link here will be good FB && G+ && Twitter propaganda is highly appreciated

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