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== Contribution ==
== Contribution ==
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Active_contributors}}
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Active_contributors}}
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages}}
=== Packaging ===
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages_in_Design_Suite}}
A way to contribute is to package user favorite sofware. Here is the process below:
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Review}}
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages| Packages already in Fedora repository]]
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Proposed}}
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages_in_Design_Suite Packages| included in Design Suite]]
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Orphan}}
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Review| Packages under review process]]
{{:SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Rejected}}
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Proposed| Proposed packages]]
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Orphan| Orphaned packages]]
* [[SIGs/Design Software/Packages/Rejected| Rejected packages]]
== Development ==
== Development ==

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This page is under development.


Who are we?

Design Sofware is a Special Interest Group aimed to improves latest free and open tools for designers especially Design Team.

Contributing roles in the Design Software SIG

Contributing roles
This is only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.

Join Designer.png

Join ContentDeveloper.png
Content writer

Join OSDeveloper.png
OS Developer

Join PeoplePerson.png
People Person


  • Create high quality packages of design tools featuring graphics, web, arts and some video editings.
  • Document the available tools, including wiki documentation and comps.xml
  • Promote the Design Suite
  • Actively review each other's design-related packages to shorten the time it takes to get them approved and imported into Fedora Package Collection
  • Help each other fix bugs that have been filed against design packages
  • Alert each other about orphaned and soon-to-be orphaned design software packages so that we can prevent their removal

Design News websites

Useful links for tracking design related software


Design Suite

Design Suite is a Fedora Spin based on Gnome Shell showcasing the design-related tools used by Design Team in addition of audio and video editing. More information is located on Fedora Spin website.


Design Software SIG has three channels for communication:

  • The mailing list,
  • The current wiki page for suggesting design software, the need of reviewing packages or joining the SIG,
  • the IRC channel located on for designers and for packagers.




A way to contribute is to package user favorite sofware. Here is the process below:


This section tracks the latest upstream development packaged in individual Fedora People repository. Using them wil help exposing bug, and exploring new features without disturbing the main Fedora repositories. In addition, the resulting source RPM will teach upstream about the good practice of packaging. To use these repository for testing purpose:

  • access to these links below,
  • put the repo file in into /etc/yum.repos.d/
  • execute the update using either Software Update or input the command in terminal sudo yum update.

Development repository