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== Meeting minutes ==
== Meeting minutes ==
* [ 2013-02-26]
* [ 2013-02-19]
* [ 2013-02-19]
* [ 2013-02-05]  
* [ 2013-02-05]  

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[edit] Java SIGs Meetings

Meetings of the Java SIG are held irregularly and are announced on the java-devel mailing list.

In a meeting we normally discuss current Java-related changes in Fedora, discuss bugs and talk about the development status of core packages.

[edit] Time and Place

  • Time and date are not currently fixed. However, we will try to announce times that are acceptable to as many participants as possible. In case of multiple reschedule requests, we will try to arrange another date and time (watch the mailing list).
  • Meetings are held in the #fedora-meeting channel on freenode or alternatively in #fedora-meeting-1 or #fedora-meeting-2 on the same server.
  • For info on current meeting, see below.

[edit] Next Meeting


[edit] Meeting minutes