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Switching from KDM to LightDM login manager

As it is possible to compile kde-workspace without KDM using a cmake parameter [1], we can replace the default KDE login manager (KDM) with others, namely LightDM that has improved its KDE support dramatically lately.


  • Smaller code base
    • In comparison, KDM contains major portion of code of XDM which means the backend is basically pure C communicating with the C++/Qt frontend.
  • Better performance (according to their presentation, my experince so far is not that great - mbriza) and "light"
    • I just tested this in Fedora 18 and I'm quite skeptical regarding this as booting the system with KDM took about 730MB of RAM and with LightDM it was 770MB
  • Simpler API for creating greeters
  • Powermanagement is present
    • Although it is present, is it really a pro as we'll be adding an other powermanager separated from PowerDevil? The settings would differ or would need to be propagated
  • Multi-head support is better - Prompt is displayed on the screen where the mouse cursor is


  • solved: Switching users in KDE is not possible. [2]
  • Dependency on glib

What needs to be done:

  • Add the conditional KDM inclusion parameter to kde-workspace
  • Edit kde-settings not to ship KDM settings