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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • F15 alpha
    • akonadi: switch to sqlite default backend?
    • 1G image: keep (yes/no)? If yes, what to add (there's room left).
  • recent bugs:



F15 alpha

  • ACTION: rdieter to poke rel-eng wrt kde image, and 2 blocker bugs
  • jreznik submitted lovelock-kde-theme pkg for review
  • f15 default fonts, seem to be using abbattis-cantarell now on kde
    • ACTION: jsmith to start -devel thread on default font topic

akonadi: switch to sqlite default backend?

  • AGREED: stick with akonadi mysql backend default
    • migration issues
    • mysql will be needed for KDE PIM 4.6 as it's faster for bigger data set

qt-devel should require qt-sqlite, bug #677418

  • AGREED: will fold qt-sqlite into main qt pkg to fix bug #677418 (and hopefully all future variants)

1G image: keep (yes/no)? If yes, what to add (there's room left)

  • no conclussion here
    • is it worth problems to have two very similar kickstarts?
    • we have a space now on default one
    • we are not able to fill 1G now
  • rdieter proposal: as long as resources required to produce it aren't a problem, I'd say keep the .ks's around and daily builds