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# [[User:Jmbabich|John Babich]] (Xfce user and [[DocsProject|documentation writer]])
# [[User:Jmbabich|John Babich]] (Xfce user and [[DocsProject|documentation writer]])
# [[User:lbazan|Luis Bazan]] (Xfce user, [ Spanish Xfce translation team]/ [[Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassador]])
# [[User:lbazan|Luis Bazan]] (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the {{package|greybird}})
# [[User:dp67|Randy Berry]] (Xfce user / Testing)
# [[User:dp67|Randy Berry]] (Xfce user / Testing)
# [[User:Fcami|François Cami]] (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the {{package|xfce4-xkb-plugin}})
# [[User:Fcami|François Cami]] (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the {{package|xfce4-xkb-plugin}})

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[edit] Fedora Xfce Spin

RahulSundaram initiated the effort to create a Fedora Xfce spin (A installable Live CD) for Fedora 8 and above releases. It is now maintained collectively by the Fedora Xfce SIG.

The Xfce SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that contribute towards Xfce in Fedora. Their mission is to define a high-quality Xfce experience to Fedora users and developers in maintaining packages, documentation, infrastructure and helping each other in all Xfce related efforts.

[edit] References

[edit] Participants

(in alphabetic order)

  1. John Babich (Xfce user and documentation writer)
  2. Luis Bazan (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the Package-x-generic-16.pnggreybird)
  3. Randy Berry (Xfce user / Testing)
  4. François Cami (Xfce user and co-maintainer of the Package-x-generic-16.pngxfce4-xkb-plugin)
  5. Eduardo Echeverria (Xfce user and maintainer of Package-x-generic-16.pngxfce-theme-manager)
  6. Kevin Fenzi (Package maintainer)
  7. Raphael Groner (Xfce user)
  8. Dominic Hopf (Xfce user and maintainer of Package-x-generic-16.pnggeany and Package-x-generic-16.pnggeany-plugins)
  9. Miro Hrončok (Xfce user, tester and Czech translator)
  10. Charlie Kravetz (Xfce user / Testing & QA)
  11. Johannes Lips (Xfce user and translator)
  12. Athmane Madjoudj (Testing & QA / Packager and user)
  13. Jon Masters (Xfce user, jonmasters on IRC)
  14. Adam Miller (Xfce Spin maintainer)
  15. Marcus Möller (Testing & QA)
  16. Jayson Rowe (Xfce user)
  17. Jeff Sandys (Xfce user)
  18. Zachary Snyder (Xfce user, supporter / Fedora Design Team)
  19. Michael Spahn (Xfce user / Fedora Ambassador / BugZapper)
  20. Matthias Summer (Xfce user / BugZapper)
  21. Simon Wesp (Xfce user)
  22. Christoph Wickert (Package maintainer, Team lead of German Xfce translation team)

[edit] Joining the SIG

Joining the Xfce SIG is as simple as being part of Fedora and having a love for Xfce. Once you are a contributor to Fedora, you can join the SIG by adding your name above and communicating with the rest of the team in the usual Fedora channels .

[edit] How you can help

If you have no idea how to help us with providing a good and qualitative excellent release of Xfce in Fedora here are some proposals where we need help:

  • Packagers: There are so many interesting packages that are not yet packaged for Fedora. Package it to improve the user experience.
  • Reviewers: Only a few persons are doing the xfce-related reviews. Help us reviewing so that more packages could be included.
  • Testers: If you love Xfce use the development version or the updates-testing repository and report bugs, bugs, bugs, request enhancements or features. We need your feedback to improve Xfce.
  • Bugs: Become a BugZapper and help us with Xfce related bugs.
  • Documentation writers: Make sure that documentation of Xfce is high quality and complete in Fedora.
  • Release Notes: Help with writing the release notes
  • Wiki: Maintain and keep it updated with end user information.
  • Artists: To provide a matching theme for nodoka-theme and other Xfce related artwork

[edit] IRC Channel

We have informal chats about Xfce development in #fedora-devel IRC channel in freenode. Refer Communicate page for more information.

[edit] Mailing List

[edit] Package Requests

The following is a list of Xfce centric packages people would like to see packaged up and maintained for Fedora:

Package Name Brief Description Review (or Spec) Maintainers Status
xfce4-embed-plugin This plugin enables the embedding of arbitrary application
windows into the Xfce panel.
done hannes promoted on Mailing List
xfce4-kbdleds-plugin This plugin shows the state of your keyboard LEDs:
Caps, Scroll and Num Lock in Xfce panel..
done hannes promo on Mailing List