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Fedora Zope Special Interest Group


  • To build all Zope related productive packages for each release of Fedora and EL.
  • At least, to build Zope and Plone for EL6.

Prominent Packages


Zope2 is the foundations and the first floors of this skyscraper.

Robin 'cheese' Lee is working on packaging Zope2 and a bunch of its dependencies.

You can find the spec files of those packages from a git:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=master And the Zope2 yum repo here: (only for F-13 and i686 and SRPM).

You can make a trivial test by these steps:

$ wget
$ su -c "cp zope-cheese.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/"
$ su -c "yum install zope"
$ su -c "service zope start"
$ xdg-open http://localhost:8080/ 

Dependency Info

Dependency info from versions.cfg about Zope2 2.12.7 updates/new packages.

See the list here:




  • TODO


Topics to discus

  • Where to place the modules provided by the Zope2 source package itself
    • Candidates:
      • 1: a separate path like %{_libdir}/zope/lib/python
      • 2: %{python_sitearch}
    • This will decide where Products.* modules to be placed.
  • Namespace virtual packages
    • Candidates:
      • 1: All directories of related namespaces are provided by a single package python-zope-filesystem.
      • 2: Each namespace provided a special virtual package.
    • This may affect wider practices of Python module packaging.
  • How to package tests
    • Candidates:
      • 1: All tests will be ruled out from binary packages.
      • 2: tests are packages into a subpackage
      • 3: All tests are included with no regard to their requirements
      • 4: Only package the tests whose requirements are available in Fedora.
  • Whether tests should be run in %check in spec files
    • Candidates:
      • 1: Should run all the tests whose requirements can be satisfied.
      • 2: Need not run tests

Joining the SIG

Joining the Zope SIG is as simple as being part of Fedora and having a love for Zope. Once you are a contributor to Fedora, you can join the SIG by adding your name above and communicating with the rest of the team in the usual Fedora channels .

Guidelines and Best Practices